Whether you're building a home on a plot of land or developing commercial real estate, count on Disaster Removal & Cleanup Services LLC to get the space ready for your project. We handle residential and commercial demolition in Harrisburg, Huntersville & Concord, NC and the surrounding area.

We have all of the necessary permits, and we've worked on a number of large-scale commercial demolition projects. Call us today to learn more about our demolition services.

We handle your demolition from start to finish

If you're getting ready to start working on new construction, let Disaster Removal & Cleanup Services handle the demolition. Our residential and commercial demolition services include:

Tearing down the structure
Removing debris
Grading the lot
Seeding the land

We'll make sure your land is ready for something new. Get in touch with Disaster Removal & Cleanup Services today to make an appointment for demolition services in Harrisburg, Huntersville & Concord, NC. We also serve the surrounding Charlotte area.